Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

New Thought isn’t all that new. It’s been around for centuries. The resurgence of Mental Science is expanding exponentially. The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know & the Law of Attraction are three recent examples of the principles of Mental Science that have made it popular. But before these came about, before they leapt onto our TV screens and into the pages of books, people like Geneveive Behrend were already writing about it, lecturing about it and teaching it throughout the world.

This little tome was written in 1927 (I believe) and is the result of the determination of a widowed woman to fill a void in her life. She had enough money to sustain herself. She had many friends and she traveled the world. Yet she felt a longing within herself for more- not more wealth or friends or things, but inner peace, contentment, Love… In Your Invisible Power, Mrs. Behrend explains how she found what she was looking for and how you can find it too. Her writing style is somewhat archaic and difficult to follow at times. But once you understand her voice, you will be delighted by her forthright and subtly humorous expression.

And along the way, you just might discover how to change your life in many wonderful ways.

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