Why We Want You To Be Rich Robert Kiyosaki

First of all, you have to open up your mind while read this book. I should say this book is written so well that I can see how the future would be. What they say was true. Its not about to be rich, but its why we should be rich. However, certain information is based on both Sir Donald and Sir Robert so you cant expect that what they say is all true, its how they see and interpret what they only knew and since im not an american, i can’t accept some point which based on american economic status as we have a different economic system here. Well, its a good book.. Sometimes we should learn from how this people work themselves to be rich

“We are all born rich. We have all been given the most powerful lever on earth: our minds. So use your mind for leverage to make you rich rather than to make excuses.”

The authors say that they feel that people should be “rich” so that they can have money to take care of themselves. They say that too many people rely on the government to take care of them when they get older; i.e. social security. They say that the government is not reliable and you should be able to take care of yourself. Managing your money well is important. Financial education is important. They suggest investing in real estate and if you have the skills and capability, perhaps start your own business. If you do have money, you need to learn how to make it grow and protect yourself since when you have money, others want to take it from you. Money gives freedom, choices and a sense of security, since you cannot rely on jobs giving stability anymore. Very practical, interesing read.

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