Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

Imagine for a moment being kidnapped and sold into a life of forced labor, without the very liberties you have come to take for granted. You are no longer considered anything but someone’s property, never knowing if you will ever see your family again…

This is the true story of Solomon Northup, a black man who was born free and who, by the mere color of his skin, was ripped away from his family and the world he knew and was lost to it for twelve years.

It is difficult for any of us who have never lost one iota of our freedom to truly comprehend the struggles and the fear that Solomon faced during his life. Even as a free man, he struggled to provide for his family and in doing just that, their lives were changed for over a decade!

Society must continue to read stories such as these, to learn from them and, most importantly, to remember them, vowing that no such atrocities shall ever happen again!

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