The Way of Peace by James Allen

Classic, beautiful, and an eternally poignant message. A meditative philosophy centered on seeking Divine Love by conquering one’s corrupt, sinful self. Selflessness and peace is the goal of this life and to partake in the immortal spiritual light of God. Strength is quiet contemplation, patient repose, gentle response, and contentment with tides of humanity. All is meant to be.

Allen describes the path to peace as one of becoming one with others with love by abstaining from self-seeking. Are you willing to deny yourself? Self is the denial of truth, truth is the denial of self. In other words, those who cling to selfishness simply cannot find peace because peace does not come from singling oneself out from other. It comes from realizing a universal unity with others.

One’s perspective will always be colored with the tint of one’s personal opinions. Many weak and ignorant people think themselves to be ‘right’, thus making others about them ‘wrong’. This is not so. We are all a part of one eternal consciousness. There is but ONE truth- so to be caught up in the vanity of the self is to deny the truth. One cannot love another who esteems his brother to be ‘wrong’. These divisions cripple love and make way for folly and contention.

The evidence of a selfish and darkened man is one who seeks to elevate himself above another. How wretched and delusional the man who judges another man based on his own bias and lack of understanding. Truth is simple. Truth is love. Truth is peace. Christ taught these things. Allen presents them in beautiful language.

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