The Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew Lang

The Story of Joan of Arc was about, a the title indicates, is about the life of Joan of Arc a girl who was born in France and how she become to be. The story was nonfiction slash narrative. I really enjoyed reading this book and is a book that if you want to learn something and have a story to it and action to it this would be a great book to read.

The story begins in the early 1400 hundreds and Joan of Arc being a child with thirteen years old and one day she was outside and she hears something to, go to her mother, but then she hears someone that to go to general of France and that she will free France from England and the two countries had been at war for along time. As expected he said no, the voices told her to go again. This voices where others saints. This time she told him about what the saints said, and he saw that she wasn’t just a normal girl. So he sent some men and gave her a horse and she mounted very well even though with no experience and much more that they would’ve expected from just a girl, so the french took her in and sent a letter to her parents. Time passed and her attack on Orleans which was in current control of the English. She attack a with the french on her side and took over the Orleans and that was the start of the France taking back their land. But was captured at Compiegne near the Burgundian Faction which was a ally of the English so they sold to them since they paid the most for her. She was integrated in a male jail cell, but she was much wiser them all of them. But she was tricked she sign a contract that she would wear a dress since she only wore menes clothing, but that meant she could be burn alive as a which. And so she died at age 19 and crowned her king Charles VIII with her victories.

The book is not a hard book to read, just some of the pronouncing of the cities in the story. The author was very clear with his words and made it easy to read and enjoy the book and to still keep reading the book itself. The author went so far to get some quotes from the characters including Joan of Arc, and much more information.

What I feel is that the author did a very good job writing this book. The main detail is that the author made me want to read the book and want to learn more about Joan of Arc and what had happened after her death.

I would really would recommend this book to anyone because it’s just a really interesting book to read.

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