The Scarlet Plague by Jack London

An amazing post-apocalyptic novel, The Scarlet Plague embarks the reader through a journey to survive an invincible disease that has decimated the entire human population. Sixty years after the plague, Granser tells his three grandchildren – Edwin, Hare-Lip, and Hoo Hoo – the story of how centuries of civilization and prosperity have been destroyed after a plague that turns people the color of scarlet and makes their body numb has claimed the lives of all but a few in the United States. He narrates his struggle to survive in a riot-infested world where anarchy reigns and where death is the only certainty anyone has. The plot is rich with unsettling questions about justice and civilization and will undoubtedly keep the reader interested through all the chapters. It is a short and easy read which makes one reflect about society as a whole and imagine their role in a chaotic setting and the choices they would make to fight for survival.

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