The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright

Illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright, The Real Mother Goose is full of classic and traditional rhyming poems that have managed to captivate readers for hundreds of years. For the adult reader, these simple, yet unforgettable nursery rhymes takes one through old memories while taking a step back into childhood – in fact, I grew up with these rhymes and still have this book in my possession. The younger reader will be able to develop their emergent literacy skills with the easily readable poems and fairly predictable rhyme schemes.

Adding to the rhymes’ easy readability level, Wright’s illustrations complement each poem in order to promote a sense of richness to the text. A majority of the nursery rhymes open with a full-page illustration that contain strong ink lines and watercolor. Although they fill up most of the pages of this picture book, the illustrations are not overwhelming – rather, the illustrations provide context clues.

Seeing as Mother Goose rhymes encourage creativity while developing literacy skills, teachers can have students write and illustrate a “sequel” to their favorite nursery rhyme. With this activity, students can describe what might have happened next if the rhyme were to continue…imagine the possibilities!

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