The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

When I first read The Pursuit of God it was like water to my dry soul. I hadn’t ever read anything like it and I couldn’t put it down. Since them I have read it more times than I can count. I now have the added advantage of having it on audio, so I listen to it regularly. Each time I read it I am encouraged in a new way.

I think it would be in line with Tozer to say that we do not take the time to truly study anything anymore. With the dawn of the digital age, we are more susceptible to just move on to the next book without actually grasping everything there is to know in the last one. The Pursuit of God is one of those books that ought to be studied by everyone. It’s not very long, but each chapter is very deep.

While there are several orthodoxy points I would probably take issue with, I cannot read The Pursuit of God without worshiping. Ever chapter finishes with a prayer that convicts my heart and brings the lessons that much closer to my soul.

I hope that you’ll find value in the lessons, but more-so, I hope you find the time to not only ready Tozer, but to study and know him as you pursue God.

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