The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

This is a masterpiece to be savored.

This book changed my life…I’m so not kidding. I saw the play years before I decided to read this book. I’m so sorry that I waited so long because it was fantastic! I plan to re-read it again! It has everything in it! It’s scary, creepy, romantic, sweet, sexy, dark, sad, depressing, etc. This is the third book on my list that I would recommend to anyone that i meet! (having harry potter and the twilight series at number one and two spots. haha)

I love the phantom! He was dark and mysterious. He was that bad guy that you always wanted to love. I do not agree with Christine Daae’s choice in the end. I hate who she chose, but yes, i know…it was the better choice.

This story remains so dear to my heart. I can relate to almost every character and I truly love the phantom. His intentions were good and he had a good heart…just a bad temper and a bad reason for murder. All he wanted was Christine’s love…

I never realized what a tragic character Eric, or the Opera Ghost, was. He just wanted to be loved. This does not excuse all of his behavior, but it does explain it. From his childhood, even his mother rejected him and despised him. I know that Christine is supposed to be the heroine of the novel and Raoul is supposed to be the hero. Yet, I found Raoul to be whiny, immature and just young- in the throws of a first love like all teenagers have. And Christine is also immature and unintentionally cruel. She leads him on and lies to this broken man until he is driven to commit rash acts due to a love that is only one-sided. Eric is one of my favorite tragic heroes and I fell a bit in love with him. He is so tragic and so sad that his last mention had me in tears.

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