The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday

This is an intelligent self-help book packed with examples from history of people who made it through adversity into greatness. It also offers a system for approaching life as a more average person, turning obstacles into advantages, and using relentless persistence to achieve what you want.

We all face obstacles in our lives, what matters is how we perceive them and work with them to move on. “When we aim high, pressure and stress obligingly come along for the ride,” so we have to find ways of dealing with them, as well as the aspects of life that may blindside up with randomness.

Holiday uses Stoicism as a basis for the book, but it’s not a dry philosophy book by any means. He makes the words from thousands of years ago come alive through modern example. As someone who studied Greek and Latin at school, I appreciated the 21st century take on the subject. Through perception, action and will, we can achieve despite obstacles. I particularly liked the chapter on ‘amor fati,’ love of fate.

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