The Miracle Morning Journal by Hal Elrod

I thought this book was very empowering and motivating to help organize and improve your outlook on life. Some portions were a bit unreasonable as to trying to maintain this strict manner of living through a busy work day, but if maintained accordingly perhaps anything is possible.

It was a great way to show me how to start my days earlier and try to dedicate some time to myself in order to keep that positivity throughout the day.

The idea of the Miracle Morning is basically what I’ve been looking for. It’s a really decent framework for getting my mornings set up in such a way that I can hit the highlights of how I want to start my day. I do agree with Hal’s statement that how you start your morning really does set the tone for the day. I think the ideas in this book will help me create my own morning routine that will make me happy.

Was the writing good – most the time no. He echoes a lot of self-help gurus, quotes people probably a little too much (says the girl who LIKES quotes), and brings in a lot of his own opinion on stuff that science actually has some more accurate input on. That being said, the ideas in the book are solid and worth the read.

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