The Lost Princess of Oz by L. Frank Baum

This is my favorite of the Oz books so far and since I am now near the end of the original Oz series written by Baum, it might well become the best of the lot. While the first book was ingenious for its time, the story in this one was more complete and satisfying. For those that haven’t read these books, generally, each book introduces a new character or two and the story is pretty much about their adventures somewhere in the land of Oz, often with them making their way to Emerald City and meeting all of the other characters that have come before.

This time, however, Ozma, the Princess of Oz, herself has gone missing, along with other key artifacts including Ozma’s magic mirror and Glenda’s Great Book of Records. So this story is about how most of the characters we’ve met in previous books get together and search the land of Oz for their missing princess. Of course, along the way we do get to meet still more oddball characters including the Frogman, Cayke the Cookie Cook, and the Little Pink Bear.

All in all this is a pleasant read with a happy ending.

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