The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence wrote her book in 1925 and I didn’t know how lucid or practical the book would be and I was indeed in for a lovely surprise. The book reads so well, easily understood, lucid in style, practical and applicable in every way. It feels as if a compassionate mother is sitting with me and taking me by the hand and instructing me in order to apply my faith.

Most important lesson Momma Florence has taught me is that God is my supply, and there is a supply for every demand. I have to confess that and affirm it daily. If I don’t speak the word, how in the world am I gonna receive? Our Lord commands me to “ask” before I can receive. And how do I ask? I must act as if I had already received. That is believing asking and it takes place in an atmosphere of thanksgiving and gratitude. I should not focus on circumstances, thus giving them power. Instead, I should see myself as God sees me, an honorable child of His. Because I have faith in how the Lord works, I am choosing not to be disturbed by circumstances, by what “appears”. Don’t ever make giant out of circumstances!

Focus on your Divine supply. Recently I have been contemplating Psalm 23 in what it says “He restores me”, that is, He renews my life. I have to affirm that also. I unite myself to God’s Divine Mind. His will be done in my life. What does that mean? It means Divine order is established in my mind, body and affairs. Your will be done in my life, dear Lord, as You and I are one, and I unite myself with your Divine purpose and will. Your Love cleanses my entire being now. The Love of God abolishes anything contrary to Love in my life. Your Love dissolves anything unlike love. I am going to devote each day as I wake up to the Lord. I will affirm: Today is a day of completion; I give thanks for this perfect day, and I believe miracles shall flow and wonders shall never cease.

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