The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is probably the most well-known book in American literature. Written in 1876, Mark Twain crafts this master piece from some of his own experiences. The book takes place in the mid to late 1800’s and is written about a twelve year old boy named Tom Sawyer who grows up living by the Mississippi river.

Tom Sawyer is a twelve year old mischievous child who every child in town wants to be. When Tom and his best friend Huckleberry Finn are together they are unstoppable with imagination, curiosity, and wit on their side. However, these things soon get the both of them in deep trouble. When questioning a superstition one night takes them to the town graveyard, they witness the murder of Doc Robinson. They are then given a burden they must carry throughout the novel, as being the only ones with knowledge of the killer. Huck and Tom somewhat forget about it until they hear about a superstition that all haunted houses have treasure buried in them. When digging in the oldest house in town they find treasure, but they weren’t the only ones digging. They don’t find just the treasure but the killer’s stash of money, too. Now they must evade him at all costs. However, when going on a picnic with a classmate to a cave, Tom gets lost in the cave for a couple of days. Nearing starvation they stumble upon the killer’s body that had been in the same cave for two weeks. Tom is eventually rescued, but Tom and Huck go back to claim the stash that was buried. In the end, Huck ends up with the cash and their mischievous lives return.

Reading this book reminded me that you are never too old to be a child, something I think that we neglect. If we don’t have an imagination or if we don’t have fun where would be the color in life? The message this book gave me was that there’s a child within everyone and no person is too old to express it, and if life gets tough, there will always be a way out. Whether it involves a job or a cave, don’t give up.

I found that this book, regarding it being written in 1876, still strikes a powerful message I believe everyone should hear. It has driven me not to be serious all the time and has driven me to make time to enjoy something I love to do and not to be overrun by the pressure of life. This book is appropriate for all ages. Whether it is a bed time story, curriculum material, or pleasure reading,The Adventures of Tom Sawyer will be a book that will speak to all audiences.

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