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The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham

Every aspect of life is saturated by an unseen force that’s been formed out of our collective needs. The air we breathe and the water we drink have been shaped by the desire of millions people into the relatively clean and healthy stuff that we need. As we drill-down into this force, we find that it scales down with our efforts. We find that it is inescapable and that its bonds are ever-present, even between two perfect strangers passing each other on the street there are obligations.

The Moon and Six Pence is a story that covers the spectrum of this force. It explores our effects on the vast expanses of society and on the smallest, most intimate of relationships. It shows how selfish decisions and actions, no matter how free of evil intent, are often laced with dire consequences for others. As such, The Moon and Six Pence brings light a reality: we live in an ironically oppressive world.

It is ironic that our creativity brought forth this unseen force while at the same time its purpose represses our creativity. We are not free to exercise our ideas without some amount of compromise or consideration. We simply cannot cook meth in our RV as a creative solution to our financial problems, nor can we abandon our families in order to fulfill our creative desires. The force will ultimately intervene and will serve to curb those creative acts in response to our collective needs.

But if we made this force, don’t we have a right to unmake it, at least our own small part of it? Sometimes, an oppressed creativity leads nowhere. And if we are going nowhere in this world, if we are forbidden to use our minds for what they are truly engineered to do, then living becomes lifeless. Under such conditions, merely existing for a reward as luminous as the moon is meaningless in comparison to creating something for a small handful of pennies. We live between two impossibilities.

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