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The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less Richard Koch

This book presents the theory of imbalance. Once you get acquainted with the general idea, it should be easy for you to spot the correlation between cause and effect in anything you do.

Whether you will find the book insightful and its ideas relevant will greatly depend on the way you read. True, the book gets quite repetitive at times so I reckon that you use the very same approach to reading it that the book itself recommends. Get the principle and skip to the chapters that are relevant to you. The time revolution one and the one on business allies/friends are a must read.

As someone who must make their living from owning a small business, but does not really care for much of the commerce culture, Richard Koch’s book is a breath of fresh air. He gives great examples for how most of us could achieve more with less.

His central theory goes back to the Pareto principle, which is most distributions in life follow an 80/20 rule. The natural state of systems and the Earth is one of imbalance. By trying to understand this inequality, as opposed to bemoaning it’s existence, you can profit more in the work place and in private life.

The new expanded edition I think does a great job of expounding on key criticisms. Koch, like most geniuses, is eccentric and has his odder passages, but I think anyone looking to get more out of life should read this book. Koch seems earnest and his examples do a great job of illustrating when people are wasting time.

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