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The Way to Will Power by Henry Hazlitt

Will-Power, then, may be defined as the ability to keep a remote desire so vividly in mind that immediate desires which interfere with it are not gratified.”

“Before you make any formal resolution whatsoever, make certain that you genuinely desire to carry it out. Let there be no doubt that the end you have in view is so desirable or advantageous that it will outweigh all desires or advantages or all the ends that are likely to have to be foregone or abandoned in order to attain it. In short, be sure you are willing to pay the price.”

“To make a resolve and break it is demoralizing.”

The language in the book is like a river flowing gently through the plains. The logic and use of them at the initial chapters of the book is way different from others books by similar names or claiming to achieve similar end.

Clear with Precision, every chapter flows into the next seamlessly. You can tell from the prose when an author exhibits the rare skill of clear thinking, and Hazlitt demonstrates plenty. Mostly, I appreciate the writing for balancing the theoretical with practical, motivational with logical. Highly recommend that you reflect as you read and put the advice into practice immediately

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