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Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott

Good Wives is the sequel to Little Women: Mr. March has returned from the War and the March sisters are now adults and ready to start lives and families of their own.

This is a beautiful sequel to a wonderful classic, the girls have grown and matured and they become more relatable to older (young adult) readers, who are faced with the same choices and problems regardless of historical time.

Good Wives is not as innocent and sweet as the previous book, the loving world the girls knew has changed as they reach adulthood and each girl is faced with choices that bring them apart, which leads to multiple plots within the book.

Amy continues to be my favourite character – although closely followed by the three other girls – and her story is delightful to read, especially when it comes to her travelling and her love (the quote on the top of this review is Amy’s, I chose it because I can completely relate).

Jo also stands apart for her strength and independence, which make her a wonderful role model to every girl!

I loved reading Good Wives and recommend it to everyone!

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