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Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell

Great short speech that is so definitely true and I think that most people in today’s society have forgotten that greatness can be achieved in your own backyard because you are great because of the deed you do not the offices and titles you hold. Your “Acres of Diamonds” are already there you just need to look for them. Well worth the hour it took to read.

5 Vital Lessons From the Book “ACRES OF DIAMOND”

1. The Bible never said “Money is the Root of all Evil” as mostly quoted, but “THE LOVE OF MONEY…..” instead.

2. Wealth is just within your territory, you only need to discover it.

3. To be successful in business, you need to clearly identify your customer needs.

4. Truly great people never appear GREAT, they are plain, straightforward, earnest and practical and You’d never know they were great until you’d seen something they did.

5. Apply yourself fully to a particular task until it is successfully implemented.

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