Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

A familar title, Romeo and Juliet is a heart-breaking story about a pair of “star-crossed” lovers. This is an inspiring literature written in Elizathen age. Because of the ancient grudge, two households, capulet and montague are separated from the world with the hatred sword, otherwise blood. Until Romeo Montague and Juliet capulet’s love becomes the key to open up the peace.

Receiving also requires giving, Romeo and Juliet give out their lives to persuit their forbidding love. Under any circumstances, they have the faith toward each other. They never let their names stop them nor the bad comments from others. Later,their parents’ deal breaker leads them the death road. However, they are the hero and the heroine. They give the liberty and peace for the later generations of their households. The ancient grudge finally comes to a stop.

Love conquers all, Romeo and Juliet leave readers sorrow but heart-touch. For the ones who haven’t read the story yet. i encourage them to read it to find out the exciting and the stuffy plots in which lead to the final decision of their parents.

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