Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money Robert Kiyosaki

Since I first read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ I’ve enjoyed working my way through Robert Kiyosaki’s books. They are well written and easy to follow. While I don’t fully agree with his positions on leverage (I did, after all, find him via the recommendation of Dave Ramsey, who teaches you to become debt free), I think he makes some excellent points. Overall, I think this book opened up my mind to exploring alternative possibilities to how I was looking at investing, etc., even though I already knew what the general message would be.

“Losing is part of winning”

You can learn a lot from this book. Most parts focus mainly on the US market. But anyway, it’s great advise from a great author.

The biggest “problem” I have is that Kiyosaki’s books are great marketing tools; he is frequently referencing his other books, websites, game, etc.

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