Mental Efficiency by Arnold Bennett

This guy is a genius, great analysis, good advice and astounding way of conversation between the author and the reader!
He talked about various topics, psychology, a little bit of philosophy, and the will of power and its relation with sincere desire.

Some quotes:

  1. Most writers on success are, through sheer goodness of heart, wickedly disingenuous. For the basis of their argument is that nearly any one who gives his mind to it can achieve success. This is, to put it briefly, untrue. The very central idea of success is separation from the multitude of plain men; it is perhaps the only idea common to all the various sorts of success — differentiation from the crowd. To address the population at large, and tell it how to separate itself from itself, is merely silly.
  2. One of our chief national faults is our hypocritical desire to suppress the truth on the pretext that to admit it would encourage sin, whereas the real explanation is that we are afraid of the truth. I will not be guilty of that fault. I do like to look a fact in the face without blinking.

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