Just David by Eleanor H. Porter

Just David is a heartwarming tale of a boy – David – the son of a famous musician, whose father takes him at a young age to live on a mountain. The father’s goal is to be able to teach his young son without the influence of wealth and fame to spoil the boy. However, the father becomes very ill, and as he begins the journey to take his son back to civilization, he dies; Just before he died, he gave David a sack full of large gold coins and told him to hide them until needed. And the boy is left in a small village where no one recognizes the name of his famous father. He is taken in by a gruff farmer and his wife; and both David and the farmer are changed by their association with one another; as is everyone who crosses David’s path. Eventually the truth of the boy’s heritage is discovered, and he is returned to the fame and wealth that are rightfully his. But he returns every year to the small farming village to “play” for the old farmer and his wife. And as I write this, I have to choke back tears, because this one is a tear-jerker!

Some good quotes were:

“Things that aren’t beautiful you’ll make beautiful- because we find what we are looking for, and you’re looking for beautiful things.” (p. 166)

“You see I found out yesterday that it’s the thinking that does it. All day long I was thinking – only thinking. I wasn’t doing it, at all. I was really raking behind the cart, but the hours all were sunny.” (p. 136)

“Father says that I am one little instrument in the great Orchestra of Life, and that I must see to it that I’m always in tune, and don’t drag or hit false notes.” (p. 26)

“He said they were a necessary nuisance, – dishes, and getting meals, and clearing up.” (p. 49)

“The mountains, and the sky, and the birds and squirrels and brooks are really in my violin.” (p. 41)

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