Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

In famous play Julius Caesar by the equally famous William Shakespeare, the story was amazing and a true classic throughout. The plot was well executed and filled with drama. The death scene in this historical play is phenomenal, it makes you believe you’re back in ancient Rome watching the assassination of the great Julius Caesar. Caesar was assassinated because the Roman senate believed that he became too powerful. The bond he made between the people of Rome didn’t help the senate kill him.

Brutus is the backbone of this play and not only keeps the play alive but makes it thrive; Brutus was great friend and ally to Caesar. In Caesar’s last moment of his life after being stabbed by the whole Roman senate, Brutus is the last person to stab him. Caesar asks Brutus, “Et to Brutus”, meaning you too Brutus after being great friends and you want me dead too. Leaving the reader almost traumatized, and they carve him like a dish fit for the gods.

This play did not have many flaws, but the names get confusing at times. This is a play that should be shared with everyone but it is difficult to most and understood by few. Julius Caesar is great play and will be remembered by all as one of the greats like infamous Caesar.

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