How to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett managed to pacify and console my soul. Written 102 years ago (!!!), this work has not lost its timeliness and significance. (Now that defines a classic!)

To live is what Bennett teaches us. To LIVE is what we are after – and not simply to exist. This self-help time management guru offers practical and wise steps to earn the real treasure in life – and he is referring to time – not money. “Money is far more commoner than time. When one reflects, one perceives that money is just about the commonest thing there is.”

I felt so good when the author treats the seconds and the minutes of an hour as the “little pearls” of our life. The thought of it is simply beautiful!

We all have only 24 hours everyday, yet, no mater how we spend the preceding 24 hours we get 24 more the very next day! Perhaps we should learn how to live on those 24 hours and not waste so much of them.

It is a book full of common sense that may have been more common in the author’s day than it is now. It is so short you have no excuse for not reading it.

The chapters:

  1. The Daily Miracle: the gift of 24 hours.
  2. The Desire To Exceed One’s Programme: Cautions against setting up an unrealistic schedule that eventually burns you out and encourages you to live less than to the fullest.
  3. Precautions Before Beginning: There is no magic cure, jump in!
  4. The Cause of the Troubles: Your day is actually two days and you are wasting one of them.
  5. Tennis and the Immortal Soul: You are not actually tired at the end of the workday, you just tell yourself that, stop it.
  6. Remember Human Nature
  7. Controlling the Mind: Give yourself to learning how to concentrate.
  8. The Reflective Mood: Know Thyself.
  9. Interest in the Arts: You CAN be well rounded and like it!
  10. Nothing in Life is Humdrum: Study your environment and delight in it.
  11. Serious Reading: (my favorite chapter!) think about reading, don’t just take to it and satisfy in only the volume.
  12. Dangers to Avoid: Don’t be a prig and, be flexible.

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