How to Analyze People on Sight by Elsie Lincoln Benedict

The best book no one has ever heard of! Can you really determine a person’s whole character by the shape of his or her hands, or face? Elsie says you can and I believe her, because the measurements she gives for deciding each person have been so scarily accurate, I almost don’t believe it. I found this book on and downloaded it to Plucker, there is also a text version with drawings. A really interesting find!

Some of the things don’t match up quite as well for our modernized times. In all honesty though, if you break people down into complete Basics this can give you a Basic insight into people. People obviously are a Mixture of the 5 basic Types that are described in this book, not many are “pure” types. Even I can relate a lot of the information in this to moments in my life with interactions with people. How they are, how they act. This did also give me more understanding/information on people and their types.

I’m glad I read this, I enjoy learning new things.

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