Good to Great by James Collins

As for Good to Great, it’s a bit more of a kick in the pants for corporate big-wigs. The big revelations: Companies that have gone from Good to Great often have a leader at the helm who has a few certain qualities: Humility, Adaptability, Honesty, Ability to face the Brutal Facts of any situation, Ability to make tough choices, and Ability to keep his/her ego in check enough to realize that company will and should continue without them, and they should train a respectable successor for the long-term good of the company. Charisma, interestingly, is not one of those qualities, but is replaced by approchability and integrity.

“The most important asset of the companies is not the people, but the RIGHT people”

Anecdotes abound, but with only a handfull of people deemed worthly of interviews, there is nothing particularly scientific. Most have had some sort of “wake-up call” in their lives, but I wonder if most normal people really do anyway.

I’d still give this a very strong recommendation for anyone in a leadership role, or anyone who aspires to be in a leadership role

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