From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

Whenever something ridiculous or annoying happened in Atlas Shrugged, I just read some of From the Earth to the Moon to make me happy again. This is only my fourth Verne novel, but I could see myself trying to read all of his writings in my lifetime.

Summary: After the Civil War, the American Gun Club needs something to do if they cannot make weapons anymore. They decide to launch to the moon using a big cannon. A Frenchman named Michel Ardan volunteers to ride in that projectile to the moon. Eventually, he convinces Gun Club President Barbicane and Barbicane’s rival Captain Nicholls to come along.

This book is a classic and became one of my favorites instantly. This book really shows Jules Verne’s imagination and creativity. The idea of going to the moon in this book made me feel as if Jules Verne was looking at the future! To me, it revealed how good of a science-fiction novel he had written, with a creative idea. The characters are well crafted with many defining traits, the plot has many twists, has action-packed moments, and is followable, which I especially enjoyed. The words were graspable, helping me understand everything, but complex enough to create lots of mysteries, which makes the book stand out. If wonder, action, and adventure are the characteristics of a book you like, look no further after this book, which will stand out as a book to remember.

This included a lot of science and technology, which made for a convincing story. However, it also included humor, adventure, and insights to human nature. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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