Deathworld by Harry Harrison

I’m going to tell you about the book I read. Its name is “Deathworld” by Harry Harrison. The “Deathworld” is written in Science Fiction genre, so the storyline is full of things that are either fantastic or are not explored yet.

Let’s speak a bit about storyline. This book is about a man in the future whose name is Jason din Alt who meets by chance a man from a far planet called Pyrrus. Jason helps him to win money using his telepathical abilities in gambling and accompanies Kerk to Pyrrus , where he was destined to face things he couldn’t even imagine before. The storyline brings us to description of human relations with each other and the planet where humanity is fighting for life with the “Deathworld”.

The book is full of interesting and at the same time completely different characters. In my opinion we can either take the characters one by one or divide them into groups. One by one there are many characters in this book: a man from planet called Darkhan, whose name was Jason din Alt who is becoming the main character of the book, also there is Kerk Pyrrus, who Is the leader of junkmen on Pyrrus, Meta, a pilot girl whom Jason falls in love with, Rhes the leader of “the grubbers” etc.

On the other hand we can divide the characters in groups: Jason, as a host on the Pyrrus, the junkmen, people who are fighting with the “Deathworld” for their lives and “the grubbers”, who live in peace.

The book suggests us a cool storyline, full of action and interesting things, which are making the book breathtaking to read and also a main idea, which is making this book unique. The storyline describes you how, by the influence of human psychology, the same planet can become a home for ones and a “Deathworld” for the others.

In my opinion every book must be compared with ones written in the same genre, and as “The Deathworld” has many deep psychological ideas it becomes almost incomparable with other Sci-Fi books. The only story I can compare “The Deatworld” with, is the “Avatar” movie but it is standing close, only because of its storyline, its moralities are too usual and too ordinary.

Personally for me this book is very instructive, it describes us how different can be thoughts of people with the same roots, how can differ their relations with the same planet and how a simple man can break all his stereotypes and learn something new, overcome his own rules and nightmares to understand that he was wrong.

I am thankful to Harry Harrison for writing such a wonderful book.

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