Dear Enemy by Jean Webster

Dear Enemy is a sequel to the famous novel “Daddy Long Legs” and is told in a sequence of letters from Sallie to different people, mostly Judy. I have to say that I love this story more than the first novel.In my opinion, Dear Enemy is far more interesting, humorous, lively and romantic compared to the first novel.

Keep an open mind while reading and remind yourselves that this story has been written decades ago and simply skim through any outdated opinions and comments you may find. At the time of this story, women-right activities were just beginning to form and societies were taking great steps forward and despite anything you may find outdated, this story happens to support feminism in a very good way. The first novel concentrates on women’s right to educate while this one is about a woman’s journey to independence and finding her own place in society not who and what she is SUPPOSED to be.

Sallie isn’t a very important character in the first novel but after reading this, I came to love her more than Judy. She is officially my most favorite red-head. She is kind, hard-working, funny and a wonderful woman in general. She also has quite a temper, a characteristic that she shares with her “Enemy”! Sallie is a wonderful writer and her letters to her “Enemy” are my favorites! While reading this book, anything remotely related to her relationship with her “Enemy” gives me great joy. I call THIS romance! “Enemy” is just as unique as Sallie herself and together they make one great funny couple.

There are many characters that develop and grow through the story as Sallie grows into her realself and finds confidence. Many of children are memorable and the book portraits the characters in many different shades rather than just black and white.

This is a very funny, beautiful and heart-warming story with powerful concepts and will always remain in my favorites shelf.

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