Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery

Anne and Gilbert are finally married in Anne’s House of Dreams. There is so much sweetness in the days leading up to the wedding that I ended up reading through those pages with tears holding a permanent place on my cheeks. The mention of Matthew, the memories – I think that’s what makes these books so strong. I grew up with Anne, of course, and so her memories are also some of my own. Memories of a slate being broken over Gilbert’s head, the childish pranks of the girls, Matthew and the puffed sleeves, Marilla finally saying yes to the little Anne-girl staying for good. So when Anne looks at leaving Green Gables behind and transferring her precious little gable room to Dora, it’s not just a bittersweet moment for her, but for me as well.

But then there’s so much excitement ahead. Married life, a precious home, new friends and the promise of babies – because Anne is so ready to love and be a mother to her own children, and she’s had plenty of training you know!

This book introduced Captain Jim and Miss Cornelia, both immensely colorful characters. There are subtle little moments when you can’t help laughing out loud with Gilbert (who’s bound to be hiding in another room) while listening to Miss Cornelia prattle on. But, as always, life tends to step in and give us twists.

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