Andersen’s Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Out of all the fairytale books there are Andersen is probably one of the best. While Grimms is a bit on the heavy and dull side to read even as Perrault can be blood, Andersen falls between in his own category. His stories remind of other fairytales where sometimes happy endings come at the same time from sad and gruesome endings but his words have a way of reaching the heart in ways that aren’t duplicated by many other writings.

The descriptions and the beauties of the worlds that he makes catch the eye more so than anything else within his writings. His stories if not read before although enduring to us are quite of a shocking nature but they will win the reader’s heart even over the more famous Disney adaptations.

Within this book there is a wonderful collection of stories for the reader with some that are known and others that are a bit more elusive. Each reads as of its own so the book can be read in one sitting or even treasure for a separate day to absorb the reading itself although the best story – The Little Mermaid – is at the very end.

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