An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

If you have enjoyed Little Women, I strongly urge you to read this one too. The stories are not similar in plot, but An Old-Fashioned Girl carries the same heart and emotion (maybe even more so) than its more popular counterpart.

Another book by Louisa May Alcott, which showcase strong morals for young girls, similar to and closely rivaling even Little Women (in my humble opinion) for quality. What an impact a quaint book like this can bring.

It’s an emotional one, for sure; Polly Milton endures a lot throughout the story, and the reader endures it to right alongside her. In my heart, I truly felt for our young heroine at many climactic points. I guess I must be a little old-fashioned myself, and would like to think that there are many resemblances between me and the sweet, kind (and a little shy) Polly. She’s a simple and generous girl, one who looks out for others and always strives to do the best she can.

Oh, and I absolutely adore how Louisa May Alcott prettily tied up all the loose strings in the final pages. If Little Women hadn’t already made me fall in love with this talented authoress’s writings, An Old-Fashioned Girl would have easily done the trick too. As it happened though, I now love Miss Alcott even more and continue to cherish her books.

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