All These Things Added by James Allen

When ever we read james allen book, we will feel the energy flowing through the mind.

Every soul hungers for righteousness. But only by eliminating the selfishness and darkness in our soul can we truly enter this Kingdom of God. How to achieve this? Through a process of self-analysis and self-examination. In order to eradicate selfishness, Allen contends, it must first be recognized. From the author of the bestselling As a Man Thinketh comes this enlightening guide to finding your better self. First published in 1910, it is as inspiring today as it was a century ago.

James Allen truly impresses me with the depth of his writing and understanding of spirituality. He writes from a Christian perspective but unlike other Christian writers I have seen, Allen is not pushing scripture as a basis for belief and to change your ways. His writings take a profound look at humanity and makes the argument that the path to Heaven on Earth is through path given by Jesus.

I love reading James Allen, the energy and passion in his prose is unmistakable. He mixes a Buddhist-leaning content with fiery yet elegant rhetoric sprinkled with 19th century Christian metaphors.

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