Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray’s “Abide in Christ” is a wonderful classic written in a devotional style, yet far more substantial than the typical devotional fare. This book is written for every believer who has struggled with sin and failed repeatedly, which probably is most of us; this is a struggle that can leave us discouraged and full of doubt. This book was written for every believer who has longed to have a closer relationship with God but isn’t quite sure how to achieve it. Through Murray’s book, the reader learns the art of dwelling in God’s presence.

Murray makes it clear that the victory and deliverance are accomplished facts. When Jesus returned to the Father, all power in heaven and earth was given him; it is by this power that Jesus maintains our union with the Father. The blessing will be given to him who will but trust in the Lord to accomplish it for him. Just as it was with our salvation, it is an act of simple faith in which we yield to the Savior. One thus learns to abandon himself to the keeping of Christ’s power, allowing the life of Christ to have its way and to do its work in us. By daily abandoning ourselves to God, we grow in conformity to Christ. It’s a simple message, but one that bears repeating in our lives. That is why it would probably be wise to frequently return to Murray’s book, to be reminded of the need to abandon ourselves completely in order to abide in Christ more fully.

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