A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Midsummer Night’s Dream is composed of 4 stories interwoven into the play: (1) The story of the Duke of Athens, Theseus and his fiancée, the Queen of the Amazons, Hipolita; (2) The story of the entangled lovers – two young men Lysander and Demetrius in love with Hermia who is only in love with Lysander. She has a friend, Helena who is in love with Demetrius; (3) The story of the artisan men who are to present a long short play about young Pyramus and his lover Thisbe to Theseus and Hipolita; and (4) The story of the fairies Oberon and Titania and the series of blunders committed by Puck (Robin Goodfellow) in using the “love-in-idleness,” i.e., the juice of the flower Pansy that is put in one’s eyelid while he or she is asleep and will make one go crazy in love with the first person one sees upon waking up.

Midsummer Night’s Dream is One of Shakespeare’s most popular comic plays. Essentially a love story between two couples,in a mythical Athens that never was .Lysander loves his girlfriend Hermia(they want to marry).But her father,Egeus, does not.Threatening Hermia with death or being forced to become a nun. With the help of Theseus,the Duke of Athens,it’s the law… Fathers had that right then to choose their children’s mates. Egeus, prefers his daughter , marry Demetrius.Why?Never explained!Also in the plot Helena,Hermia’s friend, loves Demetrius,which is not reciprocal.

The strange part is the men and women have little differences between themselves. Shakespeare is making a point about love (All four are interchangeable). The lovers decide to elope. Hide in the nearby woods overnight and flee to his wealthy widow aunt’s home. Far from the city’s authority. Helena confided by Hermia about the plan,tells the jealous Demetrius, who follows the couple and Helena follows him!

Back in Athens the Duke Theseus is preparing a wedding feast, Hippolyta, the amazon warrior leader, he defeated in battle. A little strange? Will soon become his bride. Also six tradesman are secretly putting on a play, to surprise the royals. Pyramus and Thisbe, a Romeo and Juliet type of work, you can guess about the quality. Where are they going to rehearse? The woods naturally. But this intoxicating forest has a secret, it’s haunted by unseen spirits. Oberon the King of the Fairies and Titania the Queen, rule here, this fairyland, by night. Puck, a mischievous hobgoblin, does all their dirty or funny pranks, depending on your point of view.. Puck enjoys his job….Everybody arrives, the lovers quarrel, Bottom, the Malaprop weaver, acquires the head of an ass, thanks to Puck, scaring his friends away. “Lord what fools these mortals be! “Says Puck. A magic flower makes the lovers change partners, their affections seem very fickle”. The course of true love never did run smooth”! Remarks Lysander. Enchanting fable, a dream, a poem, funny too, and has valuable lessons about the human condition. Delightful…

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